Refugee-Led Organizations (RLO) 

UNHCR Indonesia supports Refugee-Led Organizations (RLO), through which refugees mobilise to provide protection and assistance to other refugees.  With the lived experience of displacement, RLOs are the best place to address problems, identify opportunities, and find practical and sustainable solutions for the refugee community.  

RLOs often act as the first contact point for refugees to obtain information on available services and rights in the host country. RLOs also serve as guides and translators that can provide frontline support and help to the most vulnerable individuals and groups for the refugee community.  

UNHCR and RLOs have regular meetings and closely coordinate on various activities and areas of work, including education, youth and children, livelihoods, women’s empowerment, health, sports, etc.  UNHCR may also provide some modest financial grants to RLOs to support projects and activities.  

For more detailed information about local RLO lists and how to form them, please contact UNHCR through the CBP email [email protected]