Training & Learning new Skills

Can Refugees learn new skills and receive training in Bangladesh?

Yes, young Refugees between the ages of 18 and 24 can benefit from technical vocational training projects offered by UNHCR and IOM’s partner organisations in all camps and centres.

All skills development programmes provided by humanitarian actors in the camp are free of charge!

What type of training can I receive in Bangladesh?

The training is Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Level-1. This is a formal training which provides portable skills to refugees for work as volunteers or in self-employment in the camps, or for use in Myanmar and beyond.

What are the training courses I can choose from?

Based on a skills needs assessment in the camp, the project identified the following ten courses for both men and women:

  • Sewing Machine Operation (Dressmaking)
  • Community Health Worker
  • Concreter
  • General Mechanic
  • Aid to Midwifery and Nursing
  • Solar Maintenance
  • Electrician (Building)
  • Plumber
  • Agricultural Crops Production
  • Bakery and Pastry Staff

Do I get a certificate if I complete a course?

Yes, if you successfully pass the final assessment test, you will receive a certificate.

Who can join the trainings?

Any interested refugee aged between 18-24 who has completed primary education or has reading and writing skills in English.

Can I choose my course?

You can choose a course that aligns with your existing skills, interests, and goals, taking into consideration the location and availability of training by the providing organization.

What is the duration of the training?

The total training duration is 360 hours, which takes place over 72 working days (5 hours a day).

Will I receive any payment during the training?

If you are enrolled as a trainee, you will receive a training stipend to cover the cost of transportation and other expenses. Participants receive 150 taka per day, paid monthly based on attendance.

How can I join the training?

Anyone with the required criteria can communicate with the nearest training-providing organization to join the training program.

Each course admits 25 students per batch for a training period of 72 working days, and there is a placement test.

To join the training, contact the NGO that offers the courses in the camp you are in (see list below). If your camp is not listed, you can approach the closest camp to you.

📍If you are in camps: 2E | 2W |  5  |  17 | 26 | KTP RC |  NYP RC 

↪️ Reach out to NGO Forum

📍If you are in camps: 21 | 26 | 27  

↪️ Reach out to CNRS

📍If you are in camps: 25 |1E | 2W |  3 | 4E | 9 | 14 | 8E

↪️ Reach out to BRAC

📍If you are in camps: 20E | 24 

↪️ Reach out to SHED

📍If you are in camps: 11 | 15 

↪️ Reach out to PROTTYASHI

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