Registration Update Exercise Notice

Registration Update of the “Registered Refugees”

(Kutupalong Registered Camp & Nayapara Registered Camp only)

The Government of Bangladesh and UNHCR would like to inform the Rohingya Community and the public at large that:

When: From 02 May 2023, they will jointly conduct a registration update of ALL Registered Refugees.

 ELIGIBILITY: This exercise is open to ALL Registered Refugees, that includes the refugees who arrived in the early 1990s and their family members who are currently recorded in the MRC database, residing in Kutupalong and Nayapara Registered Camps. Those Registered refugees from the registered camps who are now on Bhasan Char will also be included.

This exercise does not include refugees who have an FCN as they completed their Registration Update in 2019. Their registration concerns will continue to be processed as usual in the existing registration sites.

The PURPOSE of the registration update exercise is to conduct a census of the Registered Refugees, update their individual and family information, including family composition changes, specific protection needs, and reissue individual and family documents. Biometrics will be enrolled for all individuals 5 years and above, given that establishing and preserving identities is key to ensuring protection and solutions for refugees. Pending registration and documentation issues not resolved by the “Joint One Stop Data Cell” will be addressed exhaustively.

LOCATION: The Registration Update exercise will be conducted at the “Transit Centre” for refugees in Kutupalong and at the “Nayapara Registration site” for those in Nayapara. Registered Refugees in Bhasan Char will be verified in “Bhasan Char Registration site”. Routine Registration exercises for FCN caseload will be suspended during the Registration Update exercise at the Transit Centre and at the Nayapara Registration site, and alternative avenues to provide certain services will be made for refugees who have FCN.

REGISTRATION UPDATE SCHEDULE: Appointments for the exercise will be made by Block, and families with different linked MRCs residing in different blocks, will be considered in the scheduling arrangements. Official enumerators will deliver appointment slips to each family at their shelter at least three days before the scheduled date. Families can also take appointments at the UNHCR’s Registered Camp Offices or directly at the Registration Sites. 

ATTENDANCE: Participation in the exercise is required for all eligible persons. All individual members of a family should physically come to the Registration Update site. Persons who fail to show up will be inactivated in the MRC, and they will not benefit from any assistance in future. Family members should inform the official enumerators during scheduling of anyone who cannot come to the site because of old age, serious illness, or disabilities so that alternative arrangements can be made. 

Additional important information for the Registered Refugees:

  • Please bring all your immediate family members (i.e., spouse, and children). Members of the same family registered in different MRCs, and other close relatives are encouraged to come for the exercise on the same day. If you have members of your immediate family (spouse, child) who are in the FCN database or elsewhere they should also come with you. Please inform the enumerators during the scheduling to facilitate this.
  • If any member of your family is absent, deceased or for any reason unable to attend the exercise, mention this during the Registration Update. Please, do not substitute the absent member/s with any other person/s. 
  • Bring all identity documents that you have, including current Identity Cards, NFI datasheets, Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Certificates/Notifications and any documents issued in Myanmar, including family lists, education, and employment documents, among others. These will help you to update your information accurately.

MORE INFORMATION: For questions concerning the message shared above, please visit UNHCR or CIC offices in the Registered Camps or speak to any UNHCR protection or field staff. If you are unsure where to find information, ask a Site Management volunteer or a Community Outreach Member. You can also reach UNHCR for any concerns and/or complaints through:

Email address: [email protected]

Call UNHCR Helpline: 16670. Calling is free of charge.

ALL Government and UNHCR Registration Services are FREE of charge

Thank you.

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