Community Voices

In this section, you can listen to some audio and video recordings on issues of topical concern to the community. The issues were identified by refugees living in Cox’s Bazar and produced in collaboration with BBC Media Action (BBC MA) and other partners.

Listen to the Community voices on:

▶️Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

▶️Danger signs for newborn children:

▶️Addressing worries about Health Services

▶️Dangers of drug abuse

▶️Safe use of LPG

▶️Work that can put children at risk

▶️Benefits of birth spacing

▶️Preparing shelters for monsoon

▶️Hepatitis C – Causes and prevention

▶️Fire Safety in the Camp

▶️Common Skin diseases in the camps and remedies

▶️Mental Heath

▶️Disadvantages of Polygamy

▶️Solid waste management (Cleaning the drain)

▶️Solid waste management (waste segregation)

▶️Awareness about fire incidents

▶️Hepatitis C

▶️Parenting for different children

▶️Positive parenting and role modeling

▶️Bhashan Char – Information for new arrivals

▶️Danger of irregular onward movements

▶️Child Friendly Environment At Home

▶️Importance of leadership

▶️Sexual harassment

▶️Awareness raising on abduction and kidnappings

▶️Peace at home

▶️Requirements for getting an appointment

▶️Required documents

▶️Required persons in registration sites

▶️Pressure Cooker

▶️CFM awareness

▶️Fraud prevention

▶️Disability Awareness