Pressure Cookers and LPG adjustment

UNHCR distributes pressure cookers to households in all camps in Bangladesh as a fuel and time-saving device for cooking. 

What are the benefits of using pressure cookers?

Some of the key benefits of using the pressure cooker are; it saves time when cooking, it saves fuel to make the liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder cycle last multiple days longer depending on how much it is used, it improves the taste and nutritional value of some foods and keeps meals and water warmer for longer.

What food can be cooked using a pressure cooker?

Food items typically cooked using pressure cooker are; rice, lentils, chicken and beef. Fish does not cook well in the pressure cooker.

How can I get one pressure cooker for my house?

Pressure cooker sizes are based on household size and are determined by feedback from users during the pilot phases. Family size 1-3 gets 5 litre pot. Family size 4-5 gets 6 litre pot, Family size6-7 gets 6.5 litre pot, Family size 8 and above gets 7 litre pot. Pressure cookers are distributed once so it is important to keep you pressure cooker well as it is helpful for saving fuel.

How do I learn to use a pressure cooker?

After distribution, detailed training on how to use the pressure cooker will be facilitated by one female staff. Only the cook of the household will be invited to receive the training.

How do I refill my Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder?

There are dedicated LPG depots in every camp. Community volunteers and members of the community have also been trained to support their neighbours. Small repairs services can be provided at the LPG depots. The vendor is available for small repairs/services at the LPG depot points if needed.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Refill Cycle Adjustment

This message about LPG Refill Cycle adjustment is only applicable for families who have already received a pressure cooker.


  • The LPG Refill Cycle is being adjusted based on the ability to save gas through cooking with the pressure cooker.
  • The pressure cooker is an item which makes LPG last longer when it is used daily for cooking. By using the pressure cooker daily less LPG per meal cooked is consumed. This means cylinders of LPG will last longer compared to cooking with a traditional cooking pot.
  • Pressure cooker distribution (and associated training) will continue in all the camps,
  • The refill cycle is going to be extended on 5 June 2023, with the new cycle as follows:
Household Size  New Refill Cycle (days) – as of 5 June 2023 
1-3  49
4-5  43
6-7  38
8-9  32
10-11  26
12+  23


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