Returning to Afghanistan

On this page, you can find information to help you if you are thinking of returning to Afghanistan after living as a refugee in another country.

If you arrived in Afghanistan after 1 November 2023, please click here for more information about the support that is available to you.

UNHCR supports refugees and IDPs in Afghanistan

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You should think carefully before making a decision about whether to return to Afghanistan.

Before deciding whether to return, you should consider the security situation in the place you intend to live, as well as the employment options available and the services available for your family. Whatever decision you make, it should be entirely your own choice and you should never be forced to return against your will.

What help is available if I decide to return to Afghanistan?

UNHCR currently provides Afghan refugees who return to Afghanistan under UNHCR’s voluntary repatriation (VolRep) program with USD $375 per person when they arrive from Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan. This is to cover the cost of transportation and to help restart their lives in Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees who return from other countries, like India, Malaysia, Russia and others, under UNHCR’s VolRep program will be provided with transportation expenses to cover plane tickets, and will receive $225 per person upon arrival in Afghanistan.

To be eligible, you need a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF) issued by UNHCR in the country where you sought asylum. For more information about how to get a VRF, you should visit the help website of the country where you are living: