Help for women, children and people with specific needs

Are you concerned for your safety or the welfare of a child?

If you are concerned about your own welfare and safety or the welfare of a child, you can contact our UNHCR team for help and support.

Here are some reasons why you might contact us:

  • You have experienced violence.
  • You are concerned that a child is being abused or exploited.
  • You have been asked to marry someone against your will.
  • You are afraid that a child is being married against their will.
  • You are experiencing threats, harassment, or humiliation.
  • You are concerned about a child who is being asked to perform hazardous work.
  • You are concerned about a child who does not have a parent or other relative taking care of them.
  • You have been prevented from receiving an inheritance, or your earnings were forcibly taken by a family member.

What is violence?

Violence comprises harmful acts – such as the use of physical force or power – that are perpetrated against a person’s will. The threat of such harmful acts is also considered violence. Violence may result in injury, death, or psychological harm.

Violence can occur anywhere at any time, in public or in private settings.

It can take many forms, such as physical violence, emotional or psychological violence or economic violence.Economic violence may include situations such as not allowing or forcing others to work, taking away their income or depriving them of their inheritance.

Although many survivors of violence are girls and women, boys and men can also be targeted through violence.

Getting help if you’ve experienced violence

ALWAYS REMEMBER! If you or someone you know has experienced any type of violence, or if you feel threatened, help is available.

Do not hesitate to seek support. There are services available that you may want to access. You have the right to receive help and do not have to manage this on your own.

You can reach UNHCR through its email address: [email protected] or through UNHCR’s helpline numbers:

  • 0790691746
  • 0704996168
  • 0791990225

All information you share will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with anyone without your consent. You have the right to talk with either a female or a male staff from UNHCR.

In times of hardship, overwhelming thoughts and feelings can affect our day-to-day life to an extent where we might have harmful thoughts. Please remember that you are not alone. Please contact us if you need help.