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I am a citizen of Afghanistan. Can UNHCR register me or give me asylum inside Afghanistan?

UNHCR can only register Afghan citizens as refugees or asylum seekers once they are outside of Afghanistan and looking for safety in another country. If you are still in Afghanistan and are a citizen of Afghanistan, UNHCR is not able to register you.   

What should I do if I decide to leave Afghanistan?

If you decide it is not safe for you to stay in Afghanistan, you should prioritize your safety when looking at your options of where to go. It is recommended that you look for information from UNHCR, government or other reliable sources to decide where you and your family can go and ask for asylum.   

Can UNHCR help me leave Afghanistan?

UNHCR has limited ability to assist Afghan nationals inside Afghanistan and cannot help people who want to leave the country with the costs or logistics of travel. 

What should I do if I have left Afghanistan?

If you have left Afghanistan, you can contact the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office or the government refugee agency of the country you are in for information on assistance, services, and how to ask for asylum or protection. Some systems to respond to new arrivals are still being established and the processes  can be very different depending on what country you are inFor more information, please visit the pages of the country where you are in or are where you wish to seek asylum. 

I have heard about special programs set up by other countries to help Afghans who worked with or for those countries to travel to those countries. Can UNHCR Afghanistan help me access these programs?

Some countries have recently announced opportunities for Afghan nationals who have worked or been affiliated with those countries to apply for permission to travel to those countries. These programs are established by those countries and UNHCR does not refer people to the programs or process applications.

There may be more programs that are now or soon to be available. UNHCR will try to keep this list updated as we become aware of these State-sponsored programs.

You can find information about each country and their available programme in our Relocation Programmes page.

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