How do I report sexual exploitation and abuse?

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) of persons of concern to UNHCR represents a fundamental failure of protection. It brings harm to those UNHCR is mandated to protect. It also violates universally recognised international legal norms and standards and has always been unacceptable behaviour and prohibited conduct for United Nations staff.

UNHCR’s Office of the Inspector General (IGO) is an independent internal body responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct that involve people or entities with a direct contractual link with UNHCR. Anyone can contact the IGO if they have concerns or information about possible misconduct or sexual exploitation or abuse by any UNHCR staff member or other person working directly with UNHCR. Anyone can contact the IGO if they have reason to believe that a staff member or other person associated with UNHCR has not behaved correctly.

When you report, you should include: What happened? Who committed the alleged wrongdoing? When and where did the incident(s) occur? The IGO keeps the information it receives confidential.

Following investigation, if the allegations are substantiated, UNHCR personnel found to have engaged in sexual exploitation and abuse have their employment terminated, in line with our ‘zero tolerance’ policy. Perpetrators of sexual harassment are also normally separated from service, and in both cases are banned from being rehired. UNHCR also works closely with the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations in New York to ensure that credible allegations of sexual misconduct that may amount to criminal conduct are referred to the national authorities for criminal prosecution.

For more on actions UNHCR is taking to tackle sexual misconduct, please see:

The IGO’s contact details are as follows:

Email[email protected]