Are my family less likely to be resettled because I cannot send a FLIS form?

No. The withdrawal of FLIS form will not have an impact on the likelihood of your family members being resettled to the UK. Refugees who are prioritised for resettlement (based on their protection needs and vulnerabilities) are always asked about the location of their relatives so this will already be known to UNHCR. 

In addition, UNHCR country and field offices already have ways for refugees to communicate with them about their protection concerns and problems.

What happens if I have already sent a FLIS form?

For all FLIS forms received before 23 October 2020, individuals will receive a response acknowledging that the form has been received and passed to the relevant UNHCR office. As has always been the case, UNHCR cannot provide updates on the individual cases of refugee family members outside the UK and your relatives should contact their nearest UNHCR office. If you have not received an acknowledgement that we have received your form, please contact us.

Without the FLIS form how do I let UNHCR know about my refugee family members living outside the UK? What can I do to help them if they have problems where they are located?

Withdrawal of the FLIS form does not mean UNHCR is not aware of your relatives. Refugees who are being considered for resettlement will always be asked about their relatives.  If you were resettled to the UK, you would have mentioned your relatives at the time of the time of your resettlement interview and UNHCR already has these on file.

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