Announcement on the Universal Public Health Insurance

The Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI) scheme is the only public health insurance scheme available for the documented refugee population. Enrollment for UPHI takes place only at Pishkhan Centers contracted with Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO) countrywide.

If you are contacted by anyone besides National Organization for Migration (NOM) UNHCR and IHIO, please be informed that this possibly is an insurance fraud. If this happens, please immediately report the incident to UNHCR for further follow up with NOM and IHIO. Do not disclose any personal information or transfer any amount to unknown callers.

For more information, please call IHIO’s dedicated operator for UPHI (dialing #1666), refer to National Organization for Migration provincial offices or contact UNHCR helpline operator (dialing #021-88057201).

Here you can also find more information on other ways to contact UNHCR: