Announcement No.14 on School Registration

According to the instructions for registration of foreign students, all foreign students should register on SAHMA portal (belonging to National Organization for Migration) to obtain the education permit, and after 48 hours use the below methods to finalize their registration at schools.

For registering Yekta code of foreign nationals in grade two (2) to 12 and those who failed to pass the first grade there are two (2) ways:

  1. Electronic method: Student logs in with student code (username) and Birthday in Persian calendar (Password), [clicks on] entering information for foreign nationals, and registers Yekta code.
  2. In-person method: Approaching the school, registering Yekta code by the director on SIDA through director’s menu, facilities, editing foreign national information (the list of foreign national students of school are shown).

For registering foreign national in the first grade:

  1. Electronic method: Parents logging in through the Government portal, going to examination for entering [school] icon and registering the child Yekta code (obtained from SAHMA [portal]), going to pre-registration icon and proceeding with the procedure.
  2. In-person method: approaching school with the examination result paper. In the first [step]: the school director logs in Examination for entering [schools] portal (through, searches the identity code of the student (for examination) and registers Yekta code in front of it.

Then: The school director logs in pre-registration portal from SIDA (initial operation menu, pre-registration operation, pre-registration) and registers the child with Yekta code.