Announcement on the extension of expired visas

According to an announcement from Kefalat Centers website, based on the decision of the Commission for the Regularization of Foreign Nationals and the Immigration and Passport Police:

Those Afghan nationals with expired visas (expired between 22 May 2021 to 20 March 2023) can approach Kefalat centers in their area of residence from 30 April 2023, to 30 June 2023 to receive an appointment for extension of their visas.

In case your visa has already been extended before (less than two extensions), please approach the Kefalat centers of the province of extension. Those visas that have been extended for three times will not be eligible for this scheme.

By participating in this scheme those who missed taking part in the 2022 Headcount may have the opportunity to register in the recent Employment Status Determination Scheme which can enable them to possibly longer legal stay in Iran. Non-participation in this scheme may result in lack of legal presence in Iran and may lead to deportation from the country as well as missing the opportunity to benefit from possible government exemptions in fines related to illegal stay after visa expiry.