Headcount LPs extended for an additional 3 months

Notifying all foreign nationals who have participated in the new headcount and identification plans, the validity of the LPs issued in line with the “conditional protection preparation process” are extended from 22 October for three months until 20 January 2023.

It should be noted that the following foreign nationals are not subject to the extension and are not eligible to stay in the country based on the rules and regulations:

1) Foreign nationals identified in the prohibited areas (NGAs) who have not registered the request to relocate to the non-prohibited areas within the prescribed deadline (17 October 2022).

2) Foreign nationals who have been identified in non-prohibited areas but are present in areas other than the place of identification (non-prohibited or prohibited).

3) Foreign nationals who have been identified in several places (prohibited and non-prohibited) but are currently present in prohibited areas; even though they have an LP for NGAs.