BAFIA announcement: School registration of students who have not succeeded in obtaining an educational support slip

Students who have not succeeded in obtaining an educational support slip for the following reasons should refer to nearby Kefalat center to obtain educational support slip

Those students, who does not hold a valid document and/or headcount and recount slips, can still approach the nearby kefalat center to receive education support slip, upon a condition that either both or one of the parents holds a valid residency document issued by the Government of Iran.

  1. School-aged children whose both or one of their parents have identification slip issued in 1395 and 1396 and participated in the Recount plan of 1401 but their school-aged children (Under 12 years old) have not been identified and did not participate in any plan, shall refer to the Kefalat offices
  2. Those who live in State Welfare Organization residential care centers and juvenile detention centers should refer to BAFIA provincials, submitting a letter from the relevant organization to receive the educational support slip.
  3. The children of Iranian mothers who have filed a case but have not yet succeeded in obtaining an Iranian birth certificate and their case is under review, should refer to the BAFIA provincials.
  4.  School-aged children of Iranian mothers who have not yet filed a case should refer to the Kefalat centers and receive an educational support slip, by presenting the necessary documents (marriage or divorce certificate).
  5. Children whose one of their parents (father or mother) has a family passport, but the child does not have an identification card, should refer to Kefalat offices or BAFIA provincials to obtain an educational support slip.

Note: Please note that refugee cannot access to these services from in no go areas.