Frequently Asked Questions on Headcount Exercise

1: What are the essential documents required to obtain the headcount slip?

On the day of the appointment the head of household must approach the designated centers accompanied by all family members above the age of 5, with the below required documents:

  • Appointment slip;
  • Identity documents for all family members such as Passport or Tazkira;
  • Valid lease agreement; and
  • Proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

In the absence of Passport or Tazkira a marriage certificate and/or other form of identification might be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

A vaccine referral letter will be provided to those without proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

2: How much do I need to pay to receive the headcount slip?

Based on the recent announcement by BAFIA (Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs), the cost of registration and participation of “Undocumented Afghan nationals” in the census plan is IRR 270,000 per individual if the person approaches Pishkhan offices, and IRR 310,000 per individual if the person has a vaccination certificate and approaches Kefalat centers.

3: From where can I obtain the headcount slip?As per the notice published by the BAFIA, Afghans should approach the nearest Pishkhan office or Kefalat center to register on the current ongoing headcount exercise.

4: Why only the limited numbers of Pishkhan offices available to issue the headcount slip?

It may be due to the reason that only Pishkhan offices that have the capacity to process smart national ID cards are issuing the headcount slip.

5: What is the validity of documents that are issued during the headcount exercise? Does the date on validation get extended after this exercise?

The headcount slip issued by the Government of Iran/ BAFIA is valid until 22 October 2022. So far, there is no news on the extension.

6: I still have a valid visa for a few more months, am I eligible to participate in the ongoing Headcount exercise?

Yes, Afghans having a valid visa are also advised to approach Kefalat / Pishkhan offices nearest to their place of residence to participate in the ongoing headcount exercise as BAFIA is registering and issuing slips for them as well.

7: I have participated in the 2022 Headcount Exercise and hold a Headcount slip; would I be eligible for  resettlement?

Having participated in the 2022 Headcount/holding a 2022 Headcount slip does not make you automatically eligible for resettlement. Eligibility for the Iran UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) resettlement program is based on predefined criteria which are generally based on vulnerability.

8:  I am undocumented and have not yet participated in the headcount exercise, can I still enroll my children in the school?

According to the instruction of the Schools Code of Practice, the school principal can, in exceptional cases, register students without identity and educational documents by obtaining a written commitment from the guardian of the student to provide relevant documents in one month.

9: Why am I asked by Pishkhan Office to pay more than the official fees announced by BAFIA?

If you have been asked to pay more than what has been mentioned in the BAFIA notice, please report such incidents on the WhatsApp number: 09912707483, which has been allocated by BAFIA to receive complaints and feedback during this exercise.

10: Would you please explain the overall procedure and requirement for the ongoing headcount exercise?

All “Undocumented Afghan nationals” who are residing in Iran should approach Pishkhan offices/ Kefalat centres which are able to process smart national ID cards and get registered in the headcount exercise.

The registration for the headcount is being carried out for three categories of eligible groups:

1.       Re-headcount: holders of the 2017 headcount slips

2.        Undocumented Afghan nationals who have already obtained their “Vaccination Introduction Letters” from Kefalat Centers and did not participate in the 2017 headcount

3.       Undocumented foreign nationals who did not participate in any of the headcount/vaccination schemes.

11: I am concerned about sharing my information (particularly contact information) with the government because of the risk of deportation. What should I do?

UNHCR is not aware of any incident of arrest, detention or deportation of Afghan nationals approaching the designated centres for participation in the Headcount. On the contrary, participating in the Headcount might protect you from arrest, detention and deportation. UNHCR Iran highly encourages all undocumented PoCs (Person of Concerns) to participate in the current headcount exercise.

12: I already had a Amayesh card, Do I still need to participate in this headcount?

The Headcount exercise is explicitly for undocumented Afghans, so if you already had Amayesh card then you are not required to participate in this headcount exercise.

13: Is there a place where I can report misconduct related to the implementation of the Headcount exercise??

BAFIA has introduced a WhatsApp number mentioned above, where you can lodge your complaint against any sorts of abuse and mistreatment to the relevant focal person in the BAFIA.

14: Every office that I go to say the site is closed in Tehran, is it true? 

There have been few reports regarding the closure of some Pishkan centres in different locations, due to overloaded casework, however, it doesn’t mean that the process for headcount is ended as the deadline has been extended until 30 June 2022. We would encourage you to look for other nearest Pishkan centers which are still registering families.