Long-term visa

Long-term visas are required for citizens of the so-called third countries staying in the Czech Republic for longer than three months for a specified purpose, incl. family. Long-term visas are issued for a maximum period of one year.


  • Relatively short application processing period – 90 days (120 days in complex cases).
  • No need to provide a proof of regular income. Only an account statement is submitted, which must show the stipulated amounts, and only if the visa applicant is not the spouse, a minor child or a minor child of the spouse of a recognized refugee or a person who has been granted subsidiary protection.


  • There is no legal entitlement to a long-term visa, even when all the conditions stipulated by law are satisfied; in general children, seniors and spouses have a greater chance of receiving the visa.

➡️ How to apply for a long-term visa?

Along with the application for a long-term visa [1], you should submit the following:

  1.  A valid travel document,
  2. Two photos,
  3. Biometric data (fingerprints),
  4. Supporting documents on
    • Purpose of stay: (e.g., a registry document proving family relationship, such as a birth certificate or a marriage certificate),
    • Proof of accommodation,
    • Proof of financial means,
  1. A parental consent for child’s travel– written in a free form and signed by both parents / legal guardians (signature does not need to be officially verified); parental consent is not required from a parent / legal guardian who (1) lodges the application on behalf of a child younger than 15 – only signature of the second parent / legal guardian is required in such a case, (2) already resides in the Czech Republic and the child will reside here with him / her – only signature of the second parent / legal guardian is required in such a case, or (3) provides a proof that he / she cannot submit such a content due to reasons beyond his / her influence.
  2. Criminal record extract
  3. Fee
  4. Travel medical insurance (only if visa approved, not when applying)

Supporting documents may not be older than 180 days except for a passport, registry documents (birth certificate or marriage certificate), diplomas and similar documents and photo (if reflecting current appearance).

Supporting documents must be submitted in Czech. Documents in another language must also be submitted in official translation into Czech.

Foreign public documents must be legalized, i.e. equipped by an apostille or super-legalized.

The following documents must always be submitted in their originalspassport, supporting documents on purpose of stayregistry documents (birth certificate and marriage certificate), and parental consent. These originals will be returned to the applicant should he/she wish to keep them. The passport is always returned to the applicant and is submitted again when issuing the visa. Other supporting documents may be submitted as originals or officially verified copies.

[1] Section 30 of Act No 326/1999 on the residence of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic

➡️ Where to apply for long-term visa?

Applications for long-term visa are submitted to a diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic.

The diplomatic mission forwards the application to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for evaluation and decision. If the application is evaluated positively, the diplomatic mission where the application was filed issues a long-term visa.

➡️ What is the time limit for processing an application for long term visa?

The legal processing time of long-term visa applications is 90 days.

The legal processing time can be extended to 120 days in individual cases requiring more examination.

➡️ What to do if my application for long-term visa is rejected?

A request for a new evaluation may be made in writing to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic within a time limit of 15 days following a receipt of notification that a visa has not been granted.

➡️ Where can I find the application forms?