Labour Office – as a part of the state institution in the Czech Republic – can assist you in searching for employment and guide you through the whole process. It provides information on conditions under which foreigners are permitted to work here and you can also search for vetted job vacancies through labour office’s web site. Information is provided in various languages, including English, Ukrainian and Russian. We recommend you visit www.uradprace.cz/web/en.

Non-governmental portals offering job vacancies

The most well-known job portal for searching for a job on the Internet in the Czech Republic is www.jobs.cz. It offers the largest range of positions as well as many practical recommendations and tools. Other similar portal worth visiting is www.indeed.cz, where you can also find reviews of potential employers.

If distance from home is the main criteria for you, visit the www.pracezarohem.cz portal where you can search by location. If you need to combine family and work life, you can visit www.marter.cz, where you can register and look for flexible working hours. Similarly, if you are looking for offers in a specific area, you can search at www.prace.cz.

The majority of web portals also offer additional services, such as creating a CV or profile on LinkedIn.