Where to seek help

Important: Neither UN agencies nor the NGOs providing assistance in the refugee facilities take money for any services. Their help is always free of charge.

In the Czech Republic, there are many organizations that assist and help asylum-seekers (applicants of international protection), refugees and migrants in general. Based on the categories below, you will be able to find the organization that is best placed to assist you. Please keep in mind that some organizations are active at national level, while others only operate at a regional or local level. Please also note that the list of organizations mentioned is not exhaustive.

UNHCR partner organizations

The UNHCR office in the Czech Republic also provides tailored individual support, social counselling, legal advice, or representation in individual cases through its NGO partners. To learn more about respective UNHCR partners, see the overview below:

Agency for Migration and Adaptation (AMIGA)
AMIGA is a volunteer centre established as an initiative of foreigners living in the Czech Republic. AMIGA provides mental health and psycho-social support to migrants and refugees in a difficult emotional situation. It also supports integration of refugees and migrants into Czech society through involvement in volunteering.
You can contact AMIGA by e-mail: 📧 [email protected] or by phone: 📞 +420 736 101 609.
AMIGA web site: 🌐 www.amiga-migrant.cz

Sdružení pro integraci a migraci/Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI)
SIMI has been defending the rights and interests of refugees and migrants since 1992. It offers social, labor, and legal counselling to refugees and migrants living in the Czech Republic. SIMI helps in the areas of housing, health care, education, paperwork, work permits, Czech language, free internet, and training in practical skills. In addition, SIMI also works with the public and specializes in support to victims of gender-based violence and labor exploitation.
You can contact SIMI by e-mail: 📧 [email protected] or by phone: 📞 +420 224 224 379.
SIMI website: 🌐 www.migrace.com

La Strada
La Strada aids all who have become or may become victims of the crime of human trafficking and exploitation. La Strada offers them specific options on how to deal with an unfavourable situation and how to protect themselves and their families. La Strada works in solving the issue of human trafficking and gender-motivated violence through providing field social services and counselling, intervention, and safe accommodation. It also operates an emergency help line.
You can contact La Strada by e-mail: 📧 [email protected] or by a help line: 📞 +420 222 71 71 71, 📞 +420 800 07 77 777.
La Strada web site: 🌐 www.strada.cz

Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům/Orgaization for Aid to Refugees (OPU)
OPU provides social, psychological, and legal counselling to asylum-seekers. It operates field programs and a halfway house for young people and helps unaccompanied minors as well as stateless persons. OPU also coordinates UNHCR volunteer programme iVolunteer matching refugees with local volunteers. OPU has offices in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Hradec Kralove and Ostrava.
You can contact OPU by e-mail: 📧 [email protected] or by phone: 📞 +420 730 158 779, 📞 +420 730 158 781.
OPU website: 🌐 www.opu.cz

Romodrom focuses on helping mostly people of Roma ethnicity, including Roma refugees who seek a solution in their uneasy life situations and strengthening their personal competencies. Romodrom provides social services through field programs, social rehabilitation, and activation services for families with children, and professional social counselling, incl. debt counselling, employment support, housing, childcare, or education. The support is provided across the Czech Republic.
You can contact Romodrom by e-mail: 📧 [email protected], or by phone: 📞 +420 226 521 495.
Romodrom web site: 🌐 www.romodrom.cz

Slovo 21
Slovo 21 supports the integration of refugees and migrants from third countries into the Czech society. It also supports peaceful coexistence through various cultural events, provides information and educates public administration employees. Special tailored programmes focus on Roma populations and their inclusion into the Czech society.
You can contact Slovo 21 by e-mail: 📧 [email protected], or by phone: 📞 +420 222 518 554.
Slovo 21 web site: 🌐 www.slovo21.cz

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