Reception / Accomodation

During the international protection procedure

As an applicant for international protection, you are entitled to reception during the entire period that your application is being examined (including the appeal procedure before the Council of Alien Law Litigation (CALL)). Your right to material aid applies as soon as the international protection application has been submitted and ends once a decision has been made.

In Belgium, the reception of applicants for international protection and other target groups is the responsibility of the Federal Agency for the reception of asylum seekers (Fedasil). Fedasil is a public interest organization falling under the political responsibility of the Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration.

Reception is provided both in collective centers (belonging to Fedasil, the Red Cross, or another partner) and in individual housing managed by associations or a commune.

More information can be found on Fedasil’s website:

After the international protection procedure

After you have been recognized as a refugee, you have 2 months to find your own housing. Fedasil can extend this term with a maximum of another 2 months if you have not found a home yet. More information on the requirements to rent a house as well as websites to start your search can be found here.

If your application for international protection has been rejected, you are no longer entitled to reception, however you can still contact one of these organizations for support

Problems regarding accommodation/reception arrangements

UNHCR in Belgium is not able to provide social or financial assistance nor help you in finding accommodation. If you are facing difficulties with regards to accommodation, we suggest you contact one of these organizations or a (pro bono) lawyer who can inform you about your rights and options.

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