Legal aid

Due to the nature of UNHCR’s role in western Europe, and limited available resources, UNHCR in Belgium cannot provide legal advice and representation to individual applicants. Instead, UNHCR’s role is to support the development of national international protection systems that will provide, through independent lawyers and NGOs, quality legal advice to applicants of international protection and refugees.

Legal representation and advice to applicants of international protection and refugees in Belgium is provided for primarily by private lawyers. In case you do not dispose of sufficient financial means to pay for a lawyer, you may ask for a pro bono (free) lawyer.

There are two ways of obtaining a pro bono lawyer:

  1. You contact your local Bureau for Legal aid, which will appoint a lawyer for you if you meet the conditions.
  2. You choose and contact a lawyer who will submit the application for free legal aid on your behalf. 

More information on the criteria to apply for a pro bono lawyer as well as on the procedure can be found here:

Some of the organizations on the General Services page also provide free legal advice. They are however not able to represent you before the (international protection) authorities and courts.

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