During your application for international protection (asylum), you will be entitled to start working after 4 months of the start date of your application. This right to work will end if and when your application is rejected (after the appeal procedure before the CALL).

If you obtain a protection status, you will have the same unlimited right to work in Belgium as Belgian citizens.

Each regional government has its own employment agency that can help you look for work, a training course or traineeship, attend language classes in search for work, and assist you with preparing for a job interview. The VDAB is the employment agency of Flanders, Le Forem is the employment agency of Wallonia and Actiris is the employment agency of Brussels.

If you have obtained a diploma/qualification in another country prior to your arrival in Belgium, you may ask the recognition of this document in Belgium to enhance your chances of success on the job market. The recognition is done by different entities depending if you are residing in the French, Flemish or German-Speaking Community. More information can be found here.

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