Humanitarian Impact and Resilience Challenge 


Do you know an organisation that might be an eligible candidate for the challenge below, please encourage them to apply.  

About the Humanitarian Impact and Resilience Challenge 

The World Economic Forum’s Humanitarian and Resilience Investing (HRI) Initiative has launched a Humanitarian Impact and Resilience Challenge on UpLink to source commercially viable, impact-driven and ready-to-scale private and/or public driven efforts that benefit the recovery and resilience of communities who are at risk of or have suffered from humanitarian crises.  

The Humanitarian Impact and Resilience Challenge is live on UpLink! The challenge is supported by British International Investment (BII), Deloitte, IKEA Foundation, USAID, Vital Capital, the World Bank Group, and the World Food Programme (WFP) in collaboration with UNHCR. 

The winners of the challenge will be invited to join a programme delivered by the HRI Initiative and supporting partners, to help them attract return-seeking capital needed to scale and advance their impact, then become part of the growing UpLink Innovation Network.  


The challenge invites organizations entrepreneurs and partnerships (e.g. between a private sector organization and humanitarian organization including Refugee Led Organizations) to submit solutions that fit the general scope and fall under at least one of the following categories: 

Provides goods or services addressing humanitarian needs  

An initiative that provides a good or service that supports humanitarian needs, or that intentionally supports fragile communities through the development of infrastructure and services that promote stability and improve the self-reliance, resiliency, health, education, or inclusion in financial markets of vulnerable communities. 

Works Directly with vulnerable communities  

An establishment that sources inputs and/or human capital from vulnerable communities, creating employment opportunities. 

Led or owned by members of vulnerable communities  

An initiative that is at least 51% owned by a member of a vulnerable community, has at least 51% of its senior management positions and/or board filled by members of a vulnerable community. 

Closing Date  

The Application process will run until 17 November 2022. If you are, or know an innovative solution that is scalable, financially sustainable, and has a measurable impact on vulnerable communities, please kindly advise to apply HERE.  

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