WPHF’s Window for Women Human Rights Defenders


We are pleased to inform you that the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) Window for Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) is now fully operational and is receiving requests on a rolling basis.

About the WPHF

The Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund is an innovative partnership empowering local women to be a force for crisis response and lasting peace. The fund has been designed to stimulate a significant shift in women’s participation and leadership in conflict and post-conflict zones through the enabling power of financing.

WPHF’s goal

WPHF’ primary goal is to bring about peaceful and gender equal societies through: Support women’s participation in decision-making processes and responses related to conflict prevention.

  • Increase women’s engagement and leadership in humanitarian action
  • Enhance women’s representation and leadership in formal and informal peace negotiations
  • Protect women and girls’ human rights
  • Promote women’s involvement in economic recovery of their communities

Scope of support

WHPF for WHRDs offers two types of support for WHRDs from/working in                conflict and crisis-affected countries:

  • A flexible funding safety net to cover urgent protection costs for individual WHRDs, such as short-term livelihood, including but not limited to equipment (computers, security cameras, security software), self-care, legal assistance, relocation costs, etc. for up to 10,000 USD.
  • Advocacy support through direct logistical support to arrange and cover logistical expenses (transportation, visa fees, accommodation, translation, daily subsistence allowance, accessibility for WHRDs living with disabilities) to participate in, either individually or as a delegation, a meeting, event or decision-making process, at the national, regional or international level, which contributes to advancing human rights and peace.


Safety Net is for individual women human rights defenders (WHRD) from/working in conflict and crisis-affected countries who, due to their commitments to human rights and peace, currently face, or have faced risks with resulting impacts that continue to threaten their safety and/or ability to sustain their work. WHRDs require urgent support to ensure their protection and secure participation in peace building efforts.

Safety net does not fund civil society organizations or programme implementation.  

Application process  

Interested and eligible WHRDs are encouraged to  visit website: https://wphfund.org/whrds/  for more information on eligibility and/or write an email to: [email protected].

Application templates (WINDOW APPLICATION FORM WHRD)

are available in Arabic, French, Spanish, English, Dari, and Pashto.

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