Important message from UNHCR on Resettlement Scam


UNHCR has received reports of scammers impersonating UNHCR staff, often using a WhatsApp account with the UNHCR logo. The scammers may ask for your name and UNHCR case number, in addition to asking for money, in exchange for arranging medical examinations or departures or helping you with your resettlement case in other ways. They may also ask you to refer other refugees who are interested in resettlement to them. The scammers may be part of criminal syndicates and ARE NOT STAFF FROM UNHCR.

Nobody should pay money to refer their case for resettlement or to arrange their departure to a resettlement country. All services provided by UNHCR and its partners are FREE OF CHARGE.

What should you do if you are contacted by someone claiming to be from UNHCR asking you for money?

  • Do NOT transfer money to anyone
  • Do NOT provide the names and phone numbers of other refugees to anyone
  • Report anyone claiming to be a UNHCR staff member who demands payment in exchange for assistance to [email protected] and [email protected]

A message from the UNHCR South Africa Multi-Country Office (SAMCO) 

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