Voluntary Return

Voluntary Return (Repatriation) to the country of origin is a basic right and one of the most favorable solutions to end refugees’ plight. In collaboration with the Governments of Rwanda and Burundi, UNHCR supports voluntary repatriation for refugees who wish to return to Burundi.

Individuals who are willing and ready to return to Burundi voluntarily should first contact UNHCR through the numbers provided below to register, receive more information about the program and get an appointment for an in-person interview.

  • Kigali: 0788 313 705
  • Huye: 0788 314 711
  • Nyamata: 0783 379 270 / 0783 122 080
  • Mahama: 0788 315 023

For refugees and asylum seekers in Kigali, interviews will be conducted at the Gikondo Community Center. For those living in Bugesera District, interviews will be conducted in UNHCR Nyamata Field Office. For those living in Huye, interviews will be conducted in UNHCR Huye Field Office.  Refugees living in Mahama refugee camp who wish to return to Burundi can approach UNHCR staff at the Registration Centre.

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