Primary school

Background and policy

It is an 8-year primary school for students between the ages of 7 and 15. At the request of parents, a child who turns 6 in a given calendar year may also start compulsory schooling instead of preprimary class (zerówka).

Types of facilities

Primary education in an 8-year school which includes two stages:

  • grades 1-3 (early education),
  • grades 4-8, where subject-by-subject instruction is mandatory.


Public primary schools are free of charge.


Primary school education is compulsory.

In Poland, child’s compulsory schooling begins at the beginning of the school year in the calendar year in which the child turns 7 years old and lasts until the completion of primary school, but no longer than the completion of 18 years of age. 

Enrollment process

Main enrollment process for primary schools for next school year begins in March every year (although it is possible to enroll into school at any moment during year, but in that case it is only based on school vacancies).

Enrollment process into grade I in primary school may vary between municipalities. In some cities recruitment is digital and one must register and follow procedures online. Before completing the application, one needs to read the rules, criteria and recruitment schedule. Recruitment criteria depend on the number of obtained points and the place of residence.


After a three-part exam (egzamin ósmoklasisty) which is conducted in written form in the last year of schooling (in grade VIII).

The exam covers the knowledge and skills specified in the examination requirements for three examination subjects: Polish language, mathematics and a foreign modern language (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian or Italian).

Students with special educational needs, including students with disabilities, social maladjustment and at risk of social maladjustment, students referred to in Article 165 (1) of the Law of December 14, 2016. Education Law (foreigners), and students – citizens of Ukraine take the eighth-grade exam in conditions and/or forms adapted to their needs.