I need a lawyer and/or an interpreter in my case

➡️I need an interpreter

An interpreter will be provided to you by the Norwegian authorities at all stages of the asylum process.

➡️I need legal aid or representation appointed with the help of Norwegian authorities

You have the right to be represented by a lawyer to appeal a negative decision. The Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board (Utlendingsnemnda – UNE) is responsible for processing appeal cases when they are rejected by UDI. UDI has a system called “lawyer scheme”. If you need a lawyer, (state how to apply for it) and a lawyer from this scheme will be assigned to assist you. The lawyer is appointed to represent you FREE OF CHARGE. You can check out the contact information for the lawyers here: advokatenhjelerdeg.no and EU e-justice Portal.

➡️I need legal aid or representation through other Norwegian organizations

The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) offers free legal aid in asylum cases.

All asylum-seekers who have had their asylum claims rejected by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) or the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) can contact NOAS to consider their asylum case. Click here for more information about what you need to do if you want NOAS to review your asylum case.

The documents you need to send to NOAS are listed in the above link. One of the documents you need to fill in is the Power of Attorney Form, which allows NOAS to handle your asylum case and your personal information.

Once you have collected and completed all the documents, you can send them by post or fax to this address: ✉️ NOAS, Torggata 22, 0183 Oslo. You can also send them through a 📧 secure e-mail link where you will need to upload the documents online.

If you have other general inquiries to NOAS, you can contact them by phone: 📞 +47 22 36 56 60, or by e-mail: 📧 [email protected]

If you want to visit NOAS’ office, their address is Torggata 22, 0183 Oslo (opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30 am – 15:30 pm. Wednesday: urgency line 12:30 pm – 15:30 pm)

NOAS also offers free legal aid in Family Immigration Cases, Permanent Residence Permits, and Citizenship Cases.

If you want legal aid for other kinds of immigration cases, please contact Jussbuss or SEIF

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