Can I appeal a negative decision?

If your asylum case was denied by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), you can appeal the decision. The appeal will be processed and decided by the Immigration Appeal Board (UNE).

How can you appeal a negative decision?

  • You will be contacted by a lawyer who will give you the answer to your application (denial).
  • The lawyer will help you appeal UDI’s decision if you do not agree with it.
  • If UNE needs more information from you, they will contact you for a meeting. This is called a board hearing. Interpretation is provided.
  • You may have to wait a long time before UNE makes a decision in your appeal case. UNE is currently unable to provide exact timelines on how long decisions can take in asylum cases.
  • When UNE has made a decision in your case, your lawyer will contact you to inform you about UNE’s decision.
  • If UNE disagrees with UDI, you will be allowed to stay in Norway (positive answer).
  • If UNE agrees with UDI, you will have to leave Norway (negative answer).
  • If you have received a rejection by UNE on your asylum application, this is a final decision and it means you must leave Norway / return to your home country.

Can someone help me to return to my country of origin?

  • You can apply for assisted return and receive a plane ticket and financial support.
  • If you are staying at an asylum reception centre, the people who work there can give you more information about assisted returns and your options.
  • You can also call UDI at 📞+47 404 36 196 or send an email to 📧 [email protected]
  • UDI will process your application for assisted return, and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will book tickets and help you plan your trip. You can find more information about IOM by visiting their website or calling them at 📞 +47 23 10 53 20. Their staff speak different languages.

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