Employment & Vocational Training

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Who can help me in finding work or Vocational Trainings? ⬇️

If you are:

  • A recognised refugee,
  • Between the age of 18 and 59
  • Have an idea of a micro-project that you would like to establish, or
  • Need vocational training, or you’re looking for a job,

You can contact UNHCR’s partner Association Marocaine pour la Promotion de la Petite Enterprise (AMAPPE) by calling 📞 +212 (0)5 37 70 75 02.


AMAPPE has several regional offices in Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakech, Oujda, Fès and Béni Mellal, where you can receive advice and support.

With its expertise and support, AMAPPE’s team can help you decide on a professional path, whether it is through the creation of a micro-project, enrollment in vocational training, or search for a job.

Does UNHCR and partner organisations offer training in Morocco? ⬇️

Each academic year, UNHCR and AMAPPE enrol refugees in vocational training programs either with OFPPT, Entraide Nationale or other associations delivering vocational training programs. Throughout the training, you can benefit from financial assistance to partially cover the costs required.

If you wish to enrol for vocational training, please contact the nearest AMAPPE office:

  • Rabat / Témara : 📞 +212660711890
  • Salé/ Kénitra : 📞 +212660715108
  • Tanger / Tétouan : 📞 +212660925439
  • Marrakech /Safi : 📞 +212660712240
  • Béni-Mellal / Errachidia : 📞 +212660413590
  • Oujda : 📞 +212664563780
  • Fès/Meknès : 📞 +212664987026
  • Casablanca/Settat : 📞 +212660925382

➡️ Due to high demand, once you contact AMAPPE, your request will be considered and undergo a selection process.

What can you do to earn a living in Morocco? ⬇️

According to your skills and experiences, you can earn a living in Morocco by working for someone else (wage employment) or by running your own activity (entrepreneurship).

If you need to improve your skills or to acquire new competencies, vocational training programmes are available through UNHCR’s partner AMAPPE (Association Marocaine d’Appui et de Promotion de la Petite Entreprise).

➡️  UNHCR also advocates with authorities, the private sector, and civil society for the effective economic inclusion of refugees in Morocco.

Do I need a permit to work in Morocco? ⬇️

To work legally in Morocco, non-Moroccan workers need to obtain a work/residency permit from the Ministry of labour and Employment. The employer must conduct this procedure through the platform called TAECHIR”.

In addition to this work permit, the employer must obtain from the National Agency for Employment and Skills Promotion (ANAPEC) an attestation to certify that there is no other Moroccan in the territory who can do that job.

➡️  An ANAPEC attestation is not needed in case you are:

  • A refugee with the mention “Réfugié” on his/her residency
  • A non-Moroccan with the mention “Régularisation exceptionnelle” on his/her residency permit.
  • People of Senegalese, Algerian, or Tunisian nationality.
  • Spouses of nationals
  • Other categories (e.g. shareholders of a company, foreign athletes, or artists, native of Morocco).

Can UNHCR and its partner organisations help me find a job? ⬇️

UNHCR and its partner AMAPPE can help you in your job search by:

  • Identifying your skills and your areas of interest
  • Coaching for job research, CV, and motivation letter writing.
  • Supporting you with your employer to formalize your contract.
  • Connecting you with companies whose human resources needs match your profile.

Can UNHCR help me open my own company in Morocco? ⬇️

With our partner AMAPPE, refugees can be supported to build income-generating activities.

By presenting your project idea to AMAPPE, you can benefit from:

  • Counselling to reflect on an activity that matches your profile and can generate income.
  • Expertise and financial support to build your activity.
  • Continuous follow-up to support you in case of a blockage with your activity.


➡️UNHCR and AMAPPE remain available to support you during all your economic integration journey in Morocco and you can ask for more information (eligibility criteria, application deadlines, languages (Darija, Arabic and French), starting dates etc…) about vocational trainings by contacting:

Livelihood team at UNHCR Morocco

  • Location: 10, Avenue Mehdi Ben Barka, UNHCR-Morocco
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Tél : +212 (0) 537545450


AMAPPE Rabat (Head Office)

  • Location: 7, rue Arfoud, Appt. 02, Quartier Hassan- 10010 Rabat.
  • Tél : +212 (0) 537 707502 / +212 (0) 537 707504


AMAPPE Tangier

  • Location: Appt. 5, 4° étage, Imm. Youssef Ben Tachfine, Avenue Youssef Ben Tachfine, Tangier
  • Tél : +212 (0) 5 39 32 25 52


AMAPPE Casablanca

  • Location: Hay Alwalaa, Résidence Anass 2ème étage N°17. Sidi Moumen
  • Tél : +212 (0) 6 60 92 53 82


AMAPPE Marrakech

  • Location: APP N°19, Imm Boukar, Rue Mouslim, Marrakech
  • Tél : +212 (0) 6 60 71 22 40



  • Location: Centre assistance des réfugiés, Rue Ziani, B4 Imm Elbadaoui OUJDA.
  • Tél : +212 (0) 6 64 56 37 80

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