What happens after I am recognised as a Refugee by UNHCR?

Once you are recognized as a refugee by UNHCR, you may access all protection services delivered by UNHCR and its partners (all available services can be found here) and you have the right to request for a refugee and a residency card (carte d’immatriculation) from the Government of Morocco.

Refugee & Residency card

While UNHCR is responsible for registration and refugee status determination in Morocco, once you are recognised as a refugee by UNHCR, you will be scheduled for a hearing with the Bureau of Refugees and Stateless people (BRA) to obtain a national refugee card issued by the Moroccan government.

  • UNHCR will inform you about your hearing date and time.
  • Once the hearing with BRA is completed, you will be given a receipt and the BRA will notify you once you can pick-up your national refugee card with a validity of one year (also known as BRA card).
  • As soon as you get your refugee card, you should apply for a residency card at the Department for Foreigners and Documentation of Police Headquarters of your place of residence (known as Préfecture de Police in Morocco).
  • You will be requested to fill out a residency card application form and to provide an attestation of residency such as your lease agreement, proof of means of subsistence or contract, passport photos and other documents.
  • Information about criminal record requisite can be found at https://casierjudiciaire.justice.gov.ma/Accueil.aspx?culture=fr-FR
  • Please contact the police headquarters of your place of residence prior to application to confirm the list of requested documents.
  • The residency card is valid for one year and is renewable.
  • Holders of a residency card are encouraged to register in the National Population Register and the Unified Social Register. For more information contact the FOO.

If you haven’t obtained your BRA card yet and don’t have a valid immatriculation card, please inform UNHCR to be scheduled in front of the BRA at the following email address: [email protected]

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