Beware of fraudsters charging Afghan refugees for Australian visa application forms

UNHCR has received reports of fraudsters charging Afghan refugees money for Australian visa application forms in different cities in Iran.

Please be informed that visa application forms for Australia are available online and they can be downloaded free of cost. Availability of forms online is standard practice and is NOT linked to any special scheme for Afghan refugees in Iran.

Australia is NOT processing applications for resettlement received directly from Afghan refugees.

Please also beware of any false promises for resettlement on behalf of UNHCR. UNHCR does not outsource its programmes to individuals, private companies or commercial contractors.

Do not trust anyone asking you to pay for services from UNHCR or its partners as all services provided by UNHCR are FREE OF CHARGE.

Help us stop the cycle of misinformation.

What to do if you are approached by someone promising resettlement or help to submit you for resettlement to an embassy or UNHCR?