Announcement: Adjustments in UNHCR voluntary return support for registered Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan

The voluntary return support for registered Afghan refugees who decide to return from Iran and Pakistan to Afghanistan under UNHCR’s facilitated voluntary repatriation programme is being adjusted from 1 August 2022.

Afghan returnees who have been issued with a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF) at the UNHCR voluntary repatriation centres in Iran and Pakistan are eligible to receive USD 375 per person at the designated encashment centres in Afghanistan.

This adjustment is done in view of the exponential increase in transportation and living costs in host countries and inside Afghanistan, increasing inflation, and the deteriorating economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

As before, the adjustment will cover transportation and reintegration costs. However, Afghan refugees are reminded that any return to Afghanistan must be based on a free and informed choice.

To obtain additional information in Pashto language for returnees from Pakistan, click here.