Beware of scammers

All the services provided by UNHCR to refugees are free of charge. DO NOT pay money to anyone in exchange for humanitarian assistance.

In case you are receiving phone calls or being approached by individuals claiming to be from the Health Services Cooperative and asking for money in exchange for smart health cards/health insurance cards, please note that this is a FRAUD. To know how to report fraud, please visit UNHCR Help Page (Fraud and Corruption).

For more information about the UPHI scheme, please visit UNHCR website, contact the Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO) at 1666, approach the nearest Pishkhan center, or approach UNHCR for more information

You can also find an announcement posted by the Kefalat Office here.

If you have issues or complaints regarding the UPHI, you can approach UPHI helpline operators: 021-88057201.