Announcement on Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI)

Announcement Number 001/2022

Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI)

8th cycle for all refugees (Amayesh card 16 and Hoviat card holders)

The new 8th cycle of Universal Public Health insurance (UPHI) has started (from 25 February 2022).

All Amayesh and Hoviat card holder refugees, who have been enrolled in the previous cycle of Universal Public Health insurance (UPHI) scheme in the year 1400 as vulnerable and had free-of-charge insurance coverage, can now approach any of the nearest Pishkhan Centers, affiliated with Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO), and renew their free-of-charge health insurance coverage.

As per previous cycles, other refugees (Amayesh and Hoviat card holders) who wish to enrol in the insurance coverage, can also approach any of the Pishkhan Centres affiliated with Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO) countrywide, pay the ratified premium fee, and receive health insurance coverage for a duration of 12 months from the date of enrolment.

All refugees should ensure that when approaching Pishkhan Centers, pre-registration is conducted at the time of enrolment. Pre-registration is conducted at Pishkhan Centres for the refugee population.

All diagnostic and treatment services for refugees are covered in all hospitals contracted with Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO) countrywide.