Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI) – Start of 7th cycle

Joint announcement by the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants’ Affairs (BAFIA), the Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO) and the UN Refugee Agency, (UNHCR):

The 7th cycle of Universal Public Health insurance (UPHI) has started. As per previous cycles, all vulnerable refugees can now approach the nearest Pishkhan centre (countrywide) and enrol in the scheme free of charge and be covered by the Salamat health insurance for one year.

As per previous cycles, refugees who are premium payers can also approach Pishkhan centres (countrywide) and, by payment of the ratified premium fee, can enrol in the insurance scheme. Their insurance coverage will be valid 12 months from the date of enrolment.

For more information, please contact UNHCR via our hotlines:

  • Tehran: (021) 88212520
  • Esfahan: (031) 34442841 – 34414201
  • Mashhad: (051) 37685641
  • Kerman: (034) 32476850 – 32476851
  • Shiraz: (071) 37229692

To go to the BAFIA website, click here.

To approach the IHIO, please approach UPHI desks at Pishkhan centres near you.