Rights and Obligations

What are some of the rights asylum seekers and refugees have?

  • Access to territory of the country of asylum
  • Protection from forced return to their country of origin
  • Access to submit a claim for asylum
  • An asylum-seeker/refugee identification document
  • To be interviewed in a language that is known to them
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • Non-discrimination
  • A procedure that is free of charge

What are some of the responsibilities asylum seekers and refugees have?

  • Abide by national laws at all times
  • Respect local culture and customs 
  • Provide accurate and truthful statements
  • Provide documentary evidence when possible
  • Inform UNHCR/Government of any changes in their claim, family status, etc.
  • Inform UNHCR of any change in contact information

Additional rights and responsibilities may apply in individual countries and territories based on their national laws and asylum and refugee systems.

In addition, please see these country-specific resources: 

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