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Can UNHCR resettle me to another country?

The decision of whether an individual will be considered for resettlement is made by the resettlement country and not UNHCR. 

 Some individuals who are recognized as refugees may be considered for resettlement to another country. Resettlement is only available in certain circumstances and to the most vulnerable refugees. Only a small percentage of refugees can be considered for resettlement. 

I am a refugee or asylum seeker in need of assistance in the United States, how can UNHCR help?

If you are a refugee or asylum seeker in need of assistance in the United States, please see the Help USA and Asylum Resources sites for information and resources.

Those reaching out from overseas on behalf of someone who is currently in the United States can also use these resources 

Can UNHCR help me move to another country like the United States (USA), Canada, or Australia?

No. UNHCR is not able to help you travel to other countries unless you are a refugee who has been approved for resettlement. If you are not approved for resettlement, you remain as a refugee in the country of asylum. 

I am a national of a Caribbean country and I need to leave for my safety. Can UNHCR help me leave my country of origin?

No. UNHCR is unable to assist asylum seekers to leave their country of origin.  

Can UNHCR provide me with housing?

No. UNHCR does not provide housing or shelter for asylum seekers or refugees in the Caribbean.  

 If you require assistance in finding shelter or resources, please contact us by email ([email protected]) and we will provide information on available local organizations or resources that may be able to better support your housing/shelter needs. 

Will UNHCR provide me with residency?

No. UNHCR has no role in granting residency. Residency is issued by the government of the country in which you are. You must adhere to the national procedures to apply for residency and follow up directly with the respective authorities. 

I am a detained asylum seeker/refugee, can UNHCR help me?

If you are in prison or being held by the police in detention, you can apply for asylum at the prison, detention center/facility or police station where you are being held. 

Detention and imprisonment solely due to seeking asylum is not permitted under international law standards. However, you must respect the national laws of the territory or country you are in. Breaking the law may result in a conviction, irrespective of your status in the country.

If you are a refugee or an asylum seeker in detention and in need of assistance, you can send an email to UNHCR at [email protected]

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