What happens after I apply for asylum?

You will be interviewed by the State Migration Service.

Within one month of the registration, you will be contacted and invited by the State Migration Service for a refugee status determination (RSD) interview.

  • It is important to keep your contact details updated. Please immediately inform the State Migration Service if you change your phone number or email.
  • If you cannot attend your interview appointment for a legitimate reason, such as illness, you should inform the RSD Department of the State Migration Service by phone and email or by personal visit as soon as possible so that a new appointment can be rescheduled.

ATTENTION! You and all your family members must attend all interviews and appointments. Children under the age of 18 can only be interviewed in the presence of parents or legal representative.

What happens during the interview?

During the interview, the RSD Department eligibility officer asks you for detailed information about your personal situation and the reasons for leaving your country of origin and coming to Azerbaijan.

The refugee status determination interview is the most important opportunity for you to explain why you left your country of origin and the valid reason why you are unable to return. 

It is extremely important to be precise, provide as many details as possible and to tell the truth. Refusing to provide comprehensive information about yourself or intentionally providing false information may lead the processing of your case being stopped and you not being granted refugee status. You can appeal such decision through court or administratively.

  • Processing of the asylum application can be stopped by you at any stage of the refugee status determination procedure as well.
  • For those asylum seekers who decide to also enrol with UNHCR, it is important to ensure that all the information provided to both UNHCR and SMS on their profile, background, and personal history is consistent and, to the extent possible, detailed.
  • You have the right to an interpreter to facilitate your interview and to choose the gender of the interpreter, as well as of the interviewer.

During interviews, it is important to:

  • Focus on facts and your personal experience, the reasons why it is not possible for you to return to the country of origin. General descriptions of the overall situation in a country of origin are not sufficient;
  • Be open and frank. Although some questions may be difficult or feel embarrassing to discuss or disclose to others, it is important to respond to the best to your capacities. Remember, all information you share is confidential and the interviewer is there to help you capture your claim as best as possible.  Nevertheless, you have the right to refuse answering such questions, but this will be reflected in the interview notes.
  • Be cooperative during interviews, answer all the questions truthfully and in as much detail as possible. It is important not to try to promote the application by hiding certain facts or by adding false information.  Any serious discrepancies may negatively impact the decision;
  • Please be patient and make sure that you understand all questions before responding to them. If necessary, ask for the question to be repeated.

Can I stop my asylum application after I am interviewed?

Processing of the asylum application can be stopped by you at any stage of the refugee status determination procedure as well.

Processing of the asylum application can be stopped by you at any stage of the refugee status determination procedure as well. Please refer to the State Migration Service in that regard and inform them accordingly.

I am under 18, can I be interviewed for asylum without my parents, guardians or legal representative?

Asylum seekers under the age of 18, who arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan without parents or guardians, cannot be interviewed without the presence of his/her guardian or legal representative.

The asylum review procedure is suspended for child asylum seekers until the relevant executive body resolves the guardianship or legal representation issue.

In such circumstances, the RSD Department of the State Migration Service facilitates the applicant’s access to the Commission on Juvenile Affairs and Protection of their Rights or to the Commission on Guardianship Affairs operating within the Executive Power offices to handle the guardianship issue.

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