How to apply for asylum in Azerbaijan

What is asylum and who can apply for refugee status?

Please note that you must be in the territory of Azerbaijan, or at a port of entry (an airport, land border crossing checkpoint, or seaport) in order to apply for asylum in Azerbaijan.

If you are afraid to return to your home country or the country where you lived previously, because of violence, persecution, war or you are in danger of suffering serious harm in that country, you can apply for protection in Azerbaijan. The first step to receiving international protection is to apply for asylum.

Applying for asylum is a fundamental human right and a person who is granted asylum (refugee status) in Azerbaijan cannot be deported to his/her country of origin.

Who can apply for asylum in Azerbaijan?

You can apply for asylum and be registered as an asylum-seeker if:

  • You are outside of your country of origin (for refugees) or habitual residence (for stateless people) and;
  • You wish to seek international protection in Azerbaijan due to fear of persecution or risk of suffering serious harm in your country of origin or habitual residence.

Who receives asylum applications in Azerbaijan?

In Azerbaijan, the government, through the State Migration Service, receives and decides on asylum applications.

The State Migration Service (SMS) of the Republic of Azerbaijan examines asylum applications individually according to the criteria set by the International Conventions and Domestic Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

You may also visit the Migration to Azerbaijan webpage to learn more information about foreigners and stateless people in Azerbaijan.

What is UNHCR’s role in the asylum process in Azerbaijan?

UNHCR’s role in Azerbaijan is limited to monitoring the Government’s application of asylum procedures and offering free legal counselling and other assistance to asylum-seekers after registration with the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This means that UNHCR:

  • Is not involved in the asylum process and decision over individual applications.
  • Does not issue any document to asylum seekers who have applied for asylum in Azerbaijan (since 1 July 2020).

To request free legal counselling, contact us at +994 51 207 59 96 Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Baku time.

Contact the State Migration Service for more information about the asylum process:

  • In person: 202 Binagadi Highway, 3123 Block, Binagadi district, Baku city, the Republic of Azerbaijan, AZ1114 (close to “Azadlig Prospekti” metro station).
  • By phone: Call Centre: +994 12 919 / Landline: +994 12 565 61 18

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