How to apply for asylum in Azerbaijan

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⬇️ To apply for asylum in Azerbaijan, follow the steps below ⬇️

Step 1. Register with the State Migration Service

If you are at border checkpoints and International Airports:

When entering the Republic of Azerbaijan, you can apply for asylum at any official border crossing point or International Airport through the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The State Border Service will send this application to the State Migration Service.

If you are already in Azerbaijan:

In case you have already entered the Republic of Azerbaijan, you can submit an asylum application through any official law enforcement body (such as the police) or directly to the State Migration Service. The application should be submitted as soon as possible after your arrival in the country.

If you are in a detention centre or prison:

In case you are in detention or prison, you can submit your application for asylum to the administration of the detention facility (prison) or via the post service available in the detention facility. Your application will be transferred to the State Migration Service for processing.

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STEP 2. Registration interview

Within 15 days of your approach to the State Migration Service, you will be interviewed by a government official, and an asylum application form will be filled in.

ATTENTION! You and all your family members must attend all interviews and appointments. Children under the age of 18 can be interviewed in the presence of parents or legal representatives.

During the interview, the official will ask you and your family members (including persons under his/her custody or guardianship) and record on the form:

  • your name, place and date of birth, and other basic information
  • family composition, including marital status and
  • the reasons why you left your country of origin and why you believe you would be at risk if you return there
  • your contact details.

During the interview, you must present and submit your original travel and identification documents (passport, travel ID etc.) to the State Migration Service.

All travel and ID documents will be held by the SMS and returned to the owner when the final decision on the individual asylum application is announced.

It is important to provide all the documentation and any other materials relevant to the claim.

ATTENTION! You and your family members will have your photos and fingerprints captured during the registration.

Step 3. Receive a Temporary Certificate (TC)

After the State Migration Service (SMS) receives your application, registers, and interviews you, they will issue a Temporary Certificate (TC) to you and each of your family members who reached the age of 16.

What is the Temporary Certificate (TC)?

It is an individual and stamped document issued by the Government that indicates your name and country of origin and includes information about your registration interview appointment details (place, time and date)

  • It proves that you are registered with the State Migration Service and that your asylum application is under consideration.
  • Allows you to legally reside and work without requiring a work permit in Azerbaijan.
  • Is valid for a period of 3 months or until the final decision is made on your application.

The temporary certificate is also provided to unaccompanied asylum seekers under the age of 18 (children) who arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan without parents or guardians.

Once a child is documented with TC, the State Migration Service works together with relevant executive bodies for the issuance of the guardianship order.

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