Social assistance

Assistance by the Government of Ukraine

The Government offers asylum seekers three temporary accommodation centres (TACs) in Kyiv, Odesa and Zakarpattia regions. After receiving an asylum certificate issues for six months, asylum seekers can submit an application for a TAC accommodation to the same Regional Department of the SMS where (s)he has already submitted his/her asylum application. In case of a positive decision, an asylum seeker will have to undergo a medical examination upon referral of the State Migration Service. An asylum seeker can stay in a TAC while his/her application is being considered by the SMS.

Accommodation in TACs is free of charge. Each family member receives a food package on a monthly basis. School classes and policlinic services are available in the TACs. Furthermore, a nurse, a psychologist and social counsellours work in the TACs.

The Regional Department of the State Migration Service and UNHCR partners can counsel you on TAC accommodation questions.

Social assistance by UNHCR and its NGO partners

Through its partners, UNHCR provides emergency kits to newcomers who have been interviewed and found eligible for UNHCR assistance. These emergency kits contain mattresses, kitchen utensils and basic hygienic items. The most vulnerable asylum seekers are also provided with a monthly subsistence allowance for a limited time period to cover their accommodation expenses in case settlement in a temporary accommodation center for refugees is not available. Asylum seekers have to pay for medical services at the conditions established for foreign nationals. UNHCR through its partners can support vulnerable asylum seekers under its medical assistance programmes.

UNHCR partner organisations  provide counselling on how to find rental accommodation in Ukraine, employment opportunities, medical care, access to education and local language classes.

To get access to Ukrainian language online learning program provided by UNHCR partner organization Rokada please use this link.

UNHCR partner organisation help recognised refugees and beneficiaries of complementary protection overcome bureaucratic obstacles in accessing their social assistance for vulnerable persons.