Earning a living

There are currently four areas, in which UNHCR has activities to promote the employment of refugees.

  1. Vocational training, which includes skill training
  2. Employment search assistance, work with the Employment Centres and the private sector
  3. Social assistance
  4. Advocacy aimed at streamlining the legislative framework and at the creation of a favourable protection environment to enable refugees’ socio-economic integration and provide them with a durable solution

Vocational training

You can apply either directly to UNHCR or through UNHCR partner organisations to receive vocational training support. Vocational training is supported in different fields, based on the employability prospects. Individual counselling on vocational training opportunities is provided by the partners as part of their social assistance.


UNHCR and its partners actively cooperate with the State Employment Centre to identify suitable employment opportunities for asylum seekers and people with international protection status. Individual counselling is provided by UNHCR partners as part of their social assistance (Rokada in Kyiv; Tenth of April in Odesa; Neeka in Zakarpattia region and R2P in Kharkiv).

If you have found an employer that offers a no-pay probation period of up to three months, you can approach UNHCR for subsidised employment support.