Resettlement, local integration, and voluntary repatriation are the three durable solutions that UNHCR strives to achieve.

Resettlement is not a right, and there is no obligation on countries to accept refugees for resettlement. Only persons in need of international protection can be considered by UNHCR for resettlement.

Whether a refugee may be resettled depends on the availability of resettlement countries with open quotas for refugee resettlement, admission criteria of the country of resettlement, as well as the cooperation of the country of asylum and the refugee concerned.

Given limited opportunities and places available for resettlement, it is important for UNHCR Ukraine and the resettlement countries to give priority consideration to those refugees most in need of resettlement on protection grounds.

Refugees do not choose to be resettled or decide which country will accept them. However, if a country does offer resettlement, a refugee has a right to decline the offer. Please note that declining a resettlement offer could jeopardize future resettlement.

Any person who offers resettlement services or travel documents in return for money or favors commits fraud and breaks the law. It is wrong to charge money for resettlement and it is wrong to ask for favours in return for resettlement. If this happens, it should be immediately reported to the UNHCR Representative in writing and put in the complaint box at UNHCR Kyiv. See detailed information under Complaints.

At many stages of the resettlement process, refugees may be interviewed by representatives of either resettlement countries or UNHCR. Misrepresenting facts (including family links, family composition, and refugee claim) during an interview is fraud and may result in the rejection of a case for resettlement submission and approval. Any effort to abuse the process may result in rejection as well as legal action.

Any individual caught misrepresenting UNHCR or a resettlement country, selling resettlement information, or producing fraudulent travel documents will be reported to the authorities and will be dealt with according to the full force of the law.