Resettlement, local integration and voluntary repatriation are the three durable solutions that UNHCR strives to achieve. Resettlement is globally provided by UNHCR only to the most vulnerable refugees. Less than 1% of all refugees around the world are resettled.

Resettlement is not a right, and there is no obligation on countries to accept refugees for resettlement. Whether a refugee may be resettled depends on:

  • the policies of resettlement countries;
  • admission criteria of resettlement countries;
  • as well as the situation of the individual

 Resettlement prospects for refugees in Ukraine in 2019:

In comparison with other refugees hosting countries, the population of refugees living in Ukraine is very small. Conditions for integration are also considered favorable in Ukraine in many respects by resettlement countries which, for this reason, do not open quotas (places) for submission by UNHCR in Ukraine.

Accordingly, the UNHCR in Ukraine decided to adapt its strategy and intensify efforts to support integration of refugees in Ukraine and dedicate more resources for assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees in the area of self-reliance and local integration in Ukraine (the details can be found here.

UNHCR Ukraine will continue to provide resettlement for a very small number of refugees in Ukraine. Resettlement will be used as a protection tool for persons facing serious risks that cannot be addressed in Ukraine, prioritizing women at risk. Information on resettlement and the qualification criteria is publicly available and replies to frequently asked questions can be accessed at the following address.

UNHCR will identify potential cases for resettlement consideration directly; identification does not depend on an application by potential candidates. UNHCR has full information related to the legal and social situation of the asylum-seekers and refugees, who are registered with us in Ukraine, and who receive legal and social assistance from the UNHCR partner organizations in Ukraine. If your case is selected for resettlement consideration, UNHCR will contact you.

Asylum-seekers and refugees can always address letters to UNHCR or its partners informing about their respective situation. The information provided will be duly considered, recorded and included in the physical file of each individual, and, depending on our assessment of your situation, communicated to whom deemed essential for necessary follow up in the respect of the UNHCR data protection policy. However, please note that UNHCR will not be able to reply to all letters requesting for resettlement.

 For those refugees, whose case has been already identified/submitted to resettlement consideration in the past – UNHCR Ukraine will keep track of your case and will inform you directly, if there will be some changes related to the consideration of your case.

Any person who offers resettlement services or travel documents in return for money or favors commits fraud and breaks the law. It is wrong to charge money for resettlement and it is wrong to ask for favours in return for resettlement. Assistance with resettlement is free and any information on persons offering support with resettlement in exchange of money or favor should be immediately communicated to the UNHCR using the UNHCR complaint mechanism: in person during working days/hours (09:00 -18:00); in writing/dropping your letter in the UNHCR mailbox in front of our offices located on 16, Lavrska St., Kyiv, 01015, Ukraine; or by email: u[email protected]. For more details about the UNHCR complaint mechanism, please see here.