How to apply for asylum

NOTE on registration during COVID-19
Due to the COVID-19 situation, biometrics registration has been put on hold. Currently, only newborn children of refugees who are already registered, are being registered. As the Reception Centre in Juba is still closed all newly arrived asylum-seekers and refugees are advised to contact the Protection Helplines [link] for advice on how to get registered [link].

All newly arrived asylum seekers and refugees are individually registered through the Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS). This is a system that allows to collect unique characteristics of each person, such as fingerprints, eye scan and facial features.

Upon registration, asylum seekers and refugees receive ID documentation issued by UNHCR and the CRA. This certificate is valid for one year in case of asylum seekers and three years if you are a refugee.

The documentation is the first protection tool you have and shall help to reduce risks of immigration detention, facilitate the in-country movement and ensure access to basic services.

Keep it safe and be ready to show it upon request by authorities and/or UNHCR and partners if needed to access services.

To request this document, please approach the protection desk and/or the Reception Centre in your nearest office to ask for registration.

If you have lost your ID issued by UNHCR, click here to contact us.

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