Call for applications for new refugee advisors – open until July 19

Are you a refugee or a former refugee? Have you been resettled or accessed a complementary pathway, or have experience in these areas?

Refugee Advisory Group is looking for new advisors. This group is a part of the Consultations on Resettlement & Complementary Pathways (CRCP) and plays a crucial role in planning and advising on resettlement programs.

The advisors in this group have two main roles:

  • They act as a bridge between the CRCP and the larger refugee community.
  • They help organize refugee participation in discussions about resettlement and other solutions.

The goal is to make sure refugees have a say in decisions that affect them. This leads to better policies and helps refugees feel more involved in finding solutions.

Refugee Advisory Group is now accepting applications for new advisors who will serve a 2-year term. To qualify, you should either:

  • Have personal experience with Resettlement or Complementary pathways, or
  • Have professional knowledge or experience in these areas, along with personal experience of being forcibly displaced.

Resettlement is a solution that enables refugees to move from their country of asylum to another country, where they will receive protection and assistance. On the other hand, Complementary Pathways are safe ways for refugees and asylum-seekers to enter and stay in a third country (outside of their country of asylum or country of origin), where their international protection needs are met. Complementary Pathways are distinct and additional to resettlement opportunities. Third countries establish their own competitive criteria for complementary pathways and decide who will be admitted to their territories..

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