What Can UNHCR Do for Me?

UNHCR and all civil society organizations collaborate to provide help in different ways to those who apply for refugee status, who are refugees and who are beneficiaries of complementary protection in Mexico. For example, we provide:

  1. Information about procedures and services in the country;
  2. Assistance during the proceedings at COMAR and the INM;
  3. Free legal advice if your case requires it;
  4. Guidance so you can study or validate your studies, access health services, receive technical training or have the documents required to work;
  5. A way to get you in touch with organizations and authorities so that your life and integrity are protected during your stay in Mexico.

We also have integration programs to help refugees resume their life in Mexico.

Our services are provided individually on a case-by-case basis and are completely free of charge. All people have different needs, and the support we provide reflects this reality. All assistance is provided in accordance with UNHCR possibilities, and our programs change based on circumstances. 

Remember that we can help you if you have submitted an application to COMAR, you have been recognized as a refugee or you are a beneficiary of complementary protection.