Announcement: For the attention of expired Amayesh/Hoviat cardholders

This is to inform that the holders of Amayesh 10 to 16 (Afghan nationals) and Hoviat cards 9-15 (Iraqi nationals), who have not renewed their cards in previous card renewal programs can renew their cards this year.

Furthermore, to renew the Amayesh and Hoviat cards as mentioned above, you also need to show that you have not left Iran and do not have any judicial records booked against you.

You are requested to reach to the nearest BAFIA/Kefalat centres for additional information on Amayesh/ Hoviat card renewal process.

Please note that, this practice might not apply to all applicants and will be assessed case by case.

According to BAFIA, this will be the last call for the given opportunity.

UNHCR Iran, strongly encourages holders of expired Amayesh/ Hoviat cards to participate in this exercise.