Announcement on the 7th cycle of Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI)

Announcement Number 002/2021

We are pleased to share with you the recent developments relating to the Universal Public Health Insurance (UPHI) scheme:

(1) Electronic access to health insurance: As of July 2021, issuance, renewal or changing of UPHI insurance booklets has been discontinued and replaced by online services countrywide.

All refugees who have enrolled in UPHI can now receive continued medical services through online prescription services by providing their identity cards (valid Amayesh Card or Laissez-Passer) and shall be referred to medical centers, where their access to UPHI will be verified.

For those not yet enrolled, enrollment process remains the same and as per the previous cycles, all refugees supported by UNHCR or the premium payers would still need to approach the nearest Pishkhan center (countrywide) and enroll in the scheme. The health insurance coverage and electronic prescription services start upon enrollment.

 (2) Access to Private hospitals contracted with IHIO: From February 2021, all Amayesh Card holders who have enrolled in UPHI, are able to benefit from services provided at private hospitals contracted with IHIO in addition to Ministry of Health(MOH) affiliated Hospitals. Prior to receiving services from private hospitals, please ensure that the facility is contracted with IHIO and that UPHI is accepted.