UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service User Agreement

Please read the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions governing the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service. By messaging the service, you are confirming that you understand and agree to these terms and will allow UNHCR to make use of your personal data as stated for the functioning of the service. Explicitly, upon first interaction with the service you will be asked to opt into this User Agreement and associated terms and conditions. Consent can be withdrawn at any time and you can stop using the service, and also request deletion of your data. All aspects of the service delivery are undertaken in line with UNHCR’s Policy on the Protection of Personal Data of Persons of Concern to UNHCR.

Privacy Statement

1. Personal Data

When you interact with the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service, you accept to provide some personal information needed for the application to work and be able to reply to your messages and questions. This data is stored safely by UNHCR but shared with select staff members of our technology partner – Praekelt – that supports us in delivering the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service. As WhatsApp provides the service, they will also have access to certain data to enable us to use WhatsApp as our communications channel. The data gathered, stored and shared is as follows: 

What dataHow is this data collectedWho is it shared with
Phone numberautomatically captured from the user’s profile WhatsApp, Praekelt, UNHCR
Profile nameautomatically captured from the user’s profileWhatsApp, UNHCR, Praekelt
Metadata about your connection (IMEI, MAC address, IP address)this will be automatically recorded from the user’s mobile and connection being usedWhatsApp
Message contentthe specific information texted by the user UNHCR, Praekelt

The data is captured automatically by the different components of the service and you do not need to do anything else to share it. Other data may be transmitted to WhatsApp depending on your specific account and device settings for the WhatsApp application, however these are not in any way linked to the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service.

2. Why UNHCR is Collecting and Using Your Data

UNHCR may only use your personal data to:

  • Respond to your questions when interacting with the service

You allow UNHCR and our technology partner Praekelt to process your data to provide you with relevant and timely information and support services as requested by you through the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service

  • Refer you to other services

With your consent, your contact details will be shared with relevant service providers or other teams within UNHCR to follow up directly with you about your questions if needed, to ensure the most adequate response.

Anonymous usage data will be utilised to review and improve performance of the application. Your information will not be sold or used by UNHCR for anything not included above or shared with any other third parties without your consent.

  1. Security of Your Data

UNHCR and its technology partner Praekelt will make best efforts to keep your personal information safe and confidential, including through WhatsApp’s encryption and secure storage in our private cloud hosting. As an international organization, UNHCR enjoys privileges and immunities that help protect your data from being accessed by governments and other third parties.

  1. Confidentiality of Your Data

UNHCR has strict rules about keeping the data it gathers from you confidential and making sure people without permission do not access it. Your data will only be seen by UNHCR staff specifically working on the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service to respond to your questions or make sure automatic answers are working, and to specific staff members of UNHCR’s technology partner, Praekelt. All these staff members will follow rules about keeping your information confidential.

  1. Sharing Your Data

UNHCR will not share your information to any outside actors without asking for your consent. For the service to work, your data will be sent to WhatsApp when you interact with the service, but they will not see the message content. The content will be seen by the specific UNHCR staff operating the service. UNHCR’s technology partner, Praekelt, will also have access to this content in order to provide and maintain the WhatsApp Service. If it is necessary to share your data with partners of UNHCR to follow up on your question or case, your consent will be asked first. 

  1. Changing and Deleting Your Data

You can choose to stop using the service at any time and ask for your data to be deleted from UNHCR’s system. To stop using the service simply message the phrase “OPTOUT” to the service to no longer receive messages. To request deletion of your data, simply message the word “DELETE” to the service and you will be prompted to confirm you no longer wish to use the service and delete your data from the platform. If you change any of your data and use the service again, for example your WhatsApp profile name, you will need to opt into the service again, agreeing to these terms of use, allowing new data to be recorded.

If you do not use the service for more than 365 days, UNHCR will assume you don’t want to use the service anymore and will delete your information from the system except for the anonymous data used for assessment of the service. 

  1. Asking for Your Data

If you want to know what personal data about you UNHCR has collected as part of this service, you can ask UNHCR to share it with you at any time through the WhatsApp Service by messaging “MYDATA” to the service.

  1. Notification of Changes

UNHCR reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Whenever changes are made, you will be notified and will need to agree in order to continue using the application.

General Terms and Conditions

Using the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service means you agree to all of the below:

  1. Use of UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service

When using the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service you agree to the following guidelines:

  • Do not share any sensitive personal information about yourself or others unless specifically requested.
  • Where information is requested of you by chat operators to see what services are available for you, and you choose to share this information, please make sure information is as accurate as possible.
  • Do not use any obscene, discriminatory or abusive language with the chat operators
  • You cannot sell any of the information you get from the service to other people or charge people for using it with your mobile
  1. Not Allowing Access

UNHCR can decide to (a) not respond to users of the service if they are abusive or do not follow their responsibilities above, and/or (b) not allow access to the service for users if it will put any individuals at risk.

  1. Disclaimer 

UNHCR aims to ensure that the content provided via the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service is as accurate as possible but information, particularly around COVID changes regularly and as such there may be a slight delay in updating information within the service.

In providing this service, UNHCR does not endorse WhatsApp or any other messaging applications from other providers. Use of the service does not mean that the user is guaranteed access to any specific information of services.

  1. Information outside of UNHCR

The service may point you in the direction of information from service providers or actors outside UNHCR. Moreover, other actors may provide information about UNHCR. UNHCR does not control information given by outside actors. This means UNHCR cannot say if such outside information is accurate and the organisation cannot be held responsible for the information or any results following from it.  

  1. Security Measures

UNHCR will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure your data is kept safe and cannot be sent to or used by unauthorised actors, but it cannot guarantee complete security given the inherent security risk present with application of digital tools. Using WhatsApp also means that you agree to all of the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp application and your respective data and usage can accordingly be accessed by Facebook, which owns WhatsApp. UNHCR cannot be responsible for any problems or other use of your data by others, or other risks arising from using third-party mobile applications.

  1.  Changes to the WhatsApp Service

UNHCR will regularly review how the service is working and make changes to improve it if possible. By using the service, you give UNHCR permission to review conversations and engagement with individuals anonymously to see what changes or improvements are needed. If any changes are made that will impact you, your personal data or anything within this agreement, UNHCR will inform you about these changes. UNHCR may have to change the service based on the resources it has or changes to the situation without having to give you notice first but will notify of changes afterwards.

  1. Notification of Changes

The Content of the UNHCR WhatsApp {country} Service is selected on the basis of UNHCR’s own criteria and in its own sole discretion at any time and may change without notice. UNHCR reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue any aspect or feature of the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp information service, including but not limited to these terms and conditions and availability.

  1. Privileges and Immunities of UNHCR

UNHCR holds a special status as a UN organisation and as such receives some additional safeguards relating to the independence of the service, but that also may have an impact on your use of the service. As such, nothing in or relating to this notice or the UNHCR {country} WhatsApp Service shall be deemed a waiver of any of the privileges and immunities of UNHCR in conformity with the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 13 February 1946 and with the provisions of the agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations of 19 April 1946.

  1. Stopping the Service

UNHCR can change or stop this WhatsApp Service at any time without having to give notification. UNHCR cannot be responsible for any negative impacts or other results for these changes or stopping of the service.